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Cobb Tuning
Dodson Motorsports

Dubai’s premiere GT-R builders.

We’re proud to be AMS products exclusive product dealer in Dubai. We offer a variety of Alpha packages ranging from 700hp to over 2,000hp. If you’re looking for a mild street setup to a 7-second monster we’ve built it all.

Additionally we work with all major reputable GT-R suppliers such as T1, Dodson, Cobb, Injector Dynamics and many more.

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Get it right where it matters the most.

All tuning services performed at Alpha Logic are done in-house with world-renown tuner Rob Harper of Rob Tuned. Our tuning packages help create the very best experience no matter what driving style you’re looking for. Whether it’s drag-racing, roll-racing or daily driving we can tune your car perfectly to best match your driving style and goals.



Everything to keep your GT-R running flawlessly.

A well maintained car is key to being fast and reliable. We offer every possible maintenance procedure on the GT-R from oil changes to engine swaps.